Lessons tailored for all skill-levels and needs    

Retro Singer
Voice Lessons

Our voice lessons are designed to help you find your own voice. We start all students on a musical theater or classical approach with emphasis on correct technique and vocal health.  Once this is mastered, lessons become directed at each individual student's preferences.  Whether you are a serious singer or just starting out, our lessons build confidence, musical intelligence and are just plain fun. 

Theater Group
Musical Theater Coaching

These lessons are geared to youth and adult students who are looking to audition for musical theater roles.  Lessons include vocal coaching but will also work on music interpretation and presentation. These lessons are usually paired with long term voice lessons and are designed to help with upcoming auditions.  

Early Childhood Lessons

These lessons are Kodaly-inspired and teach children age 3-7 how to play the piano. Children learn the foundations of music through singing, games and playing the piano.  Lessons are offered for individuals or groups in 30 minute time slots.  Parents are asked to attend the lessons with their children and are taught how to engage their children at home through weekly practice.  

Piano Keys
Piano Lessons

Whether you are looking to become a serious pianist, want to know how to chord to popular songs, or have always wanted to learn how to play the piano purely for your own enjoyment, our piano lessons are created for each specific student and follow the course that student chooses.  Lessons are offered for ages 4+ and range from 15 minutes to 1 hour slots based on the student's needs.  

Boy Playing with Blocks
Adaptive Lessons

Many students come to us with special needs and considerations.  We love working with all levels and needs and will tailor lessons accordingly. Lessons can include specific educational or occupational goals for each student. We are also entirely handicap accessible at our studio! 

Online Lessons

Want to learn music from the comfort of your own home?  We offer Skype and Whatsapp lessons for all skill levels and currently have students based in England and America!  Join the world in learning music with us!